Unlimitednews:   A demo of the land service hotline 16122 has been displayed to the land minister Saifuzzaman Chowdhury MP at the secretariat today. The activities of the Land Service-Hotline 16122, set up at the Land Ministry building (Building-4), are expected to be inaugurated on October 10, 2019.



The land minister expressed satisfaction over the progress made in setting up the land service hotline.



Land service hotline at a glance:




# Purpose – Emergency internal communication, addressing the complaints quickly, receiving complaints from the service receiver.




# The complainant’s name, address or identity will not be disclosed in any way.



# Land service hotline system is integrated with the Land information and service platform (Zami). The concerned officials will resolve the land related complaints under the higher authority’s supervision.




#Call center will run under the purview of the Land Ministry.



# BTRC allocated Short codes for the Ministry of Land is 16122



# Initially, setting out with 5 agents / operators, will be increased to 30 agents / operators.



# The state-of-the-art full-fledged call center will have many modern instruments including a 36 unit CCTV system, digital LED interactive monitor.